Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prize giving

prize giving wasnt that good but it was alright ,all the other performances looked way better than the yr 8’s.
i was really nervous about going to perform.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Yr 8 camp

Camp was really cool because we did archery and other fun activities too. The first activity we did was to walk all the way up the mountain through all the bushes.
to see the wonderful waterfall but we didn't get to see it because Mr Barks took us the wrong way. 

As we were on our way back to camp we spend the night 
watching nacho libre.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

I think this year with netbooks wasn't  better than  last because the internet now is slow and plus last year it was way faster.
I think that netbooks have helped me with my learning this year
like studyladder has help me with reading.
I think if I would have to go back using paper & pencils it would be a pain with my wrist playing up.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Recount Of My Last Year At Pt England Intermediate

''WOW'' I feel really nervous moving on to secondary school it feels like I will loose my friends. But when you get older you for work to get money 
and save it till you have a family

Its been really cool because my friends have kept me safe, like Waata
,Kendrix and Xavier. I will miss hanging out with my friends. I think the stand out for this year was being friends with other friends.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Favourite Hobby

Wow I just played a new game and it was so cool. I played this game at the Glen Innes Library. The game is called Adventure Quest Worlds. This game is like a role playing game . The point of the game was to complete quests.
Here is the link

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Manaiakalani film festival

After lunch  the pt england senior school went to the film festival at the  hoyts in sylvia park to watch all the nine schools that have participated in the manaiakalani program. As we walk in to look for ours seats to set down. I was sitting with Kane and Niuma as the lights slowly turn off I
sit down and relax.

“WOW”  the screen lights up like the sun. 30 minutes through and I slightly feel like I was going to faint as the hilariousness shoots through my body I carry on trying to hack the funniness.

As the end comes to are start the lights turn on and we all stretched ready to leave. Then we were on our way back to school.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics Day

“RING” goes the  bells to start off a wonderful day
I was so nervous because the senior boys were the first group to start the sprints.
the line I was in with was Ashin,Waata,Kingston,Amos,Charlie and Raenan.
As I raced I was coming sixth because me and raenan had come a tie.

As exhausted as I was with my ankle going through pain I carried on walking back to the
start line for the next race.Next it was crusader,carlos,patrick,kamire and andrew
but Crusader came first.

The next activity we did was discus andrew was coming first but then
joe bumped him down to second place. But Charlie came last.

We went to the next activity and it was called Soars ball but Cruz came first.
Lepa came second and Jephte.

Friday, November 9, 2012

How To Make a rocket

How To Make A Rocket

you will need:

* Paper tape
* Paper 20 piece’s
* paint
* scissor


1.  roll 10 pieces of paper in are roll and then tape
it together.

2. roll 5 pieces of paper tape together and then paint
any colour you like.

3. stick the small rolled up paper into the  big rolled
up paper to make the body.

4. wing’s, cut out 4 triangles and then cut another triangle but slightly smaller for the tale.

5. then tape them together onto the rocket kit to make it as

Monday, October 29, 2012

Describe photo

One day a family moved into an apartment in Franksville next to Ghost Lake.
Little did they know that the Ghost of Ghost Lake had plans for them. In the next few days Dad got thumped in the face by a paint roller while he was repainting the ceiling.  Jimmy, Nan and Mom thought it was a joke but Dad tried to tell them he wasn't doing any
thing to cause it to happen. Finally the the laughter stopped and the face
painting stopped too.

While Dad washed his face casper tell’s his ghost to tickle Jimmy,nan and Mum
but then Dad comes out of the bathroom with a half painted face and casper got frightened and flew away and the family never got pranked ever again.

Friday, September 28, 2012

brown brother speach

Joshua the author of The Brown Brother poem was really inspiring  at assembly and his family to . He could talk
really fast without even thinking about what he says.
He says to us it doesn't matter what color your skin is or some things about what a brown brother doe’s .

Friday, September 21, 2012


1. What does the word ‘Kendo’ mean. The way of the sword

2. Kendo is a type of martial art. What other types of martial art do you know of. judo,taekwondo,jujitsu and karate

3. Kendo training helped warriors become better swordsmen. How else did Kendo help warriors. to help develop their inner strength,mentals powers and character.

4. Do many people today practice Kendo? How do you know that? because in over sixty countries  7.5 million people practise

5. What is a ‘dojo’? a place of quiet where samurai warriors train or practise

6. Why do you have to remove your shoes before you enter a dojo? so other people know they are getting respect

7. What is a ‘gi’? the kendo jacket

8. Is Kendo just a physical sport? How do you know? because its not a sport where just you train and you are a professional

9. Why do people who fight do a ‘kiai’? What is it for/purpose? to mentally overwhelm their opponent .

10. What is the highest beginner grade in Kendo? 7th grade

11. Would you like to try Kendo? Why? Why not? yes because if someone fight with you would what to do

well what i learned about kendo is how to put on a kendo uniform
and to give respect to the sensi.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pt England school vs Koru intermediate school rugby match

‘’WOW’’ as we walk out onto the field ,as loud as the siren goes the game kick’s off for the semi final game we sit back and enjoy the game.
What a wonderful catch from the opposite team while they pass the ball running up the field ,PES stay strong defending the try line. What a big ‘’CLASH’’ as both team’s bash their way into the ruuk reaching out to the ball PES successfully steals,half to the try line PES score’s the first try of the game but sadly missed the conversion.

As Koru kicks off  PES stay strong until they receive the ball, then
Pesi caught the ball and tacks the first run then passes down  to
Tina and ran over some of the player’s but sadly lost the ball.

Seventy nine minutes into the game and it was a tie fifteen all.
As the hooter goes Stephanie  kicks the ball out and it was the end of the game.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What If I Had Superpowers

As I creeped up in the mysterious world of earth all the supervillains try to attack me.While the enemies get ready I wait patiently charging up my super powers ready for war.Then super gladiator creeped on to me like a mouse, ready for a fight he said he grabs my arm and turns it into a pretzel ‘’ouch’’ I said with my mighty voice I turn around ‘’blam’’ I gave him a sandwich full of fist and he was never to be seen again.

At that time I return to my lab to see doctor and builder Tom,Tom I need to speak with you ,what is it you need to speak about well I need a portal to warp me into the galaxy and I need it in seven days can you make it ,yes.While he gets crackin with the portal I test out my new suit with a jetpack and a invisible switch to turn invisible.

‘’wow’’that looks fantastic it look’s like it came from the future. May I use it, not yet i need to fix some loose nuts and bolts. I hopped in and accidentally pressed the button
‘’yeehaa’’it was like a joy ride i jumped out of the machine and i was in a world of monster ‘’BLAM‘’
                 THE END

Monday, September 10, 2012


If I got to be a billionaire i would buy a mansion in the island of rarotonga for my other family and go back there.
I would like to buy are really big boat for my family and travel the world and wonders.

I would have 16 bedrooms for my family and eight cars
like a lamborghini,ferrari and a maserati. I would build my own stadium for only the all blacks to access it .

I would own and make my own rugby team with their own
stadium. i would give money to charity and to split the
money with my mom and dad.

Friday, September 7, 2012


When we arrived at the birthday we saw all our families and friends arriving too. I got out of the car and I walked to the birthday. Then I  greeted  my family and friends.  As I sat down at that moment the birthday started so I waited.

As the candles get lit up. ''Wow'' I said as I stared at the colourful colour's of the candle's. We all waited for the knife to slice the delicious cake. At the time the cake got sliced up we all sang the "happy birthday" song.

Then the MC said the prayer for the food. We all closed our eyes. ''Amen'' said the announced the MC so we all went to eat. What I had was chicken, chop suey, donuts and my favourite drink raspberry.

After the ceremony  I met up with Nezinli and Jeffti. we played touch. On  the field on my team was my brother Simon. After more than 40 minutes I past ball to my brother and he score's the last try ''yes'' as i yelled we won.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Life Education Caravan

When the bell rung Room 21 entered the Life Caravan. Our teacher Lynne was teaching us about what harmful drugs are in illegal substances like alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. We were there to learn and think about making good choices. She was teaching how drugs can affect the brain. If it’s not fully developed  the brain will shut down.

As we listened, Lynne talked about what good choices we should make in our lives.
She was explaining how many chemicals are in different beverages like wine, spirits, beer and alcohol. Our tutor was instructing us about what we think is really dangerous. Lynne said if we smoke our lungs will get blocked by harmful substances (like tar) so there would be no oxygen (air) circulating the body.

Lynne showed what damage drugs could do to body parts on a chart. I felt really disgusted looking at the examples. I felt like I was going to vomit. The first body part I looked at was the arms. They looked really pale like no blood was pumping through the arm. Some of the toes looked like they had shrunk. Some parts of the body looked rotten.

Then she showed us celebrities saying what is good for our bodies and which is not.
Like Piri Weepu. Then Lynne showed us a video of a women that is smoking when
there is something going wrong. When i saw her ,her jaw looked dislocated.

I felt really happy when Lynne told us that we are all unique.

Friday, August 24, 2012

cross country

I felt really nervous thinking back at the long race. On Friday last week Point England school had cross country. Cross country is when you have to run quite far, like running more than 2 kilometres.

We all had to go in order from age 5 to age 13. Finally it was our turn (12 year old boys) to race. I felt really nervous. ‘’Bam’’ went the clappers. We ran as fast as we could. As we came to the first corner it was very muddy and slippery.

When we went through the first exit out to the farm on to the field, we all get soaked wet with mud. Out of breath as I run past the first teacher, Mrs Lagitupu,  we go around the field into the bush walk. We catch up with the 12 year old girls.

Then we crossed over the first bridge. As I look the terrain gets muddier by the minute. Then I went down the stairs through the bushes past the trees out to the other side. We had to go back into the bush walk on the other side. As I go in I see a glimpse of  Ahsin so I picked up my pace and ran as fast as I could to pass him.

‘’HA’’ as we cross the bridge. We then went past the farm shack around the corner and then we get to the patchy muddy grass. We go around the field to Mr Harris and back past Ms Oano. Wataa, Kingston, Ashin,  Crusader and I were walking until Crusader ran and so we all did.

‘’Wow’’ I couldn't believe it! I finished the race so exhausted. I went to the toilets to clean up the mud on my shoes and my clothes. I felt really tired.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Usain Bolt

As fast as lighting his legs go, blurry as colours of the Jamaican flag flash past my face. Striking a pose as he crosses the finishing line. The London Olympic stadium is packed. The crowd cheers on for the great Usain Bolt. The Jamaican athlete has won Gold in the 100 metre sprint.

Speed and agility is how he rolls, too fast too furious is how he goes. He is as fast as the wind. Crossing the finishing line he poses to show off.

He was the tallest athlete in the 100 metre run.

Friday, August 3, 2012

glory fighting

Wow what adrenalin pumping fantastic power  lightning striking this event is .Hi my name is Junior my teacher has set all of us a task to attend our task is to express how we feel about this photograph.

What this photo shows to me like they are trying to fight their way to victory.The fighter in the blue clothing looks  like he has to fight his out of the arm lock.i can see the light shining their body.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

sweet glory

title(sweet glory)
1. Wow the players gone wild with their win.   

2. The crowd spontaneously cheered as the players bundled in a group.

3. With joy and excitement the team screamed like nothing is going to stop them.

4.Yeah as the players scream with excitement the women's soccer team wins.

5.As the whistle blew with all excitement the women‘s soccer team won.

Friday, June 8, 2012

static images

A static image is a image that's still or doesn't move
This photo looks like someone is getting tackled or everybody's say that was a hit.
these two teams look like queensland maroons and new south wales blues. These two team are from the same country but different states here is the photo .
The lighting looks like it is coming from the lights of the stadium.
The focus is the person getting tackled or hit.
The background looks like everybody is running to the person that has the ball.

Monday, May 28, 2012

taonga time garageband

Every friday the senior school has a rotation to go to different class. what we do is our teacher has a hobby so we have to do their hobby. like a teacher likes playing sport then we do that subject or a teacher likes to learn about the weather then he or she teaches it.

I am in Mr jacobsen's group we all have to make a track and then pick some photos that relates to the track. then we go to share and then click on media browser and then click computer and then it will be processed to it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In Room 21 our lovely teacher Mrs Lagitupu has set us a task to compare and contrast artworks by Pablo Picasso ‘The weeping woman’ and by Daniela Hulme ‘A lazy day in paradise’. Picasso was famous for Cubism and Daniella Hulme was famous for her contemporary art.

‘The weeping woman’ has jagged lines and shapes. Picasso used bright colors like yellow and white. His technique he used was Cubism which means looking at something from different perspectives or angles.

Daniela Hulme was inspired by her husband (Samoan) so she painted art about the tropical islands or pacific people. ‘A lazy day in paradise’ is not really jagged
but curved and round. She used lining up and shape really well because you can't really see any mistakes.

Well the two paintings are colorful so that's one similarity  and another thing is that they are both paintings. The differences about these paintings is that Picasso’s painting ‘The weeping woman’ doesn't look realistic like all the details on a real face.

Daniela hulme and Picasso are really fantastic artists and we all know that if they battle to produce their best painting it would be hard to choose which would win. here is the link picasso and Daniela hulme

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

contrast two artworks matisse and van gogh

In Room 21 our teacher has set a task to compare and contrast the two different paintings of two famous artists. We had to look at Van Goghs ‘Sunflowers’ and Matisse's ‘La Musique’. Matisse’s art style is Fauvism and Van Gogh was famous for Expressionism.

First I looked at Van Gogh's painting. The sunflowers look pale and blurry but I can see texture.The colors he used was a bit of orange, brown and lots of yellow. What I noticed was that the leaves looked like they were swaying and looked old. It looks like there are two different kinds of flowers.

The second painting ‘La Musique’ has a lot of colors which stand out and makes it colorful. I am not sure about the two ladies but I think they are playing instruments. One lady is playing the guitar. The background looks like they are on a deck with palm leaves hanging over.

The two paintings are different because ‘Sunflowers’ has plain colors and the ‘La Musique’ has more bright colors. One thing that is the same about them is that they are both paintings. Another thing is that they both have is the link henry Matisse van gogh

Friday, May 4, 2012

intermediate school art rotation

This term we are learning about different artists in each class like Monet. His technique is by panting little strokes and while painting always mix colours while you go. Once you have finished your painting it will be fantastic. So what I did was I drew a outline of the nrl warriors team logo and then I painted using the technique the colours I used was black and red water based paint and came out perfect. what I learned about monet was that he was born in 1840 in paris,france
and spent 10 years painting his water garden and died at the age of 86.

The next session was with Mr barks he was teaching us how to paint  picasso style. This technique is to draw half a face and then draw a eye across the other but change the  direction it's facing. Here’s another way of the picasso technique demonstrating with lips draw half of the mouth on the front view and draw the other half from the side view. I learn that picasso was born in malaga,spain,on the 25th day of october,1881.

Van Gogh was a really cool and talented artist but he had a older brother who died when he was born and Mr Gogh was really close friends with Paul Gauguin another artist and that he cut his ear off and gave it to his girl friend. His technique is to get texture by little strokes that stand out like it looks 3D.

I think that matisse was a really great artist and that his art was really fantastic. I found out that he made more than 50 bronze sculptures and was a french artist. matisse was born in 1869 and died on november 3th 1954. His technique is called les fauves in english is wild beast his technique is to paint little dots for impressive effect.

Friday, April 27, 2012


This is my mihimihi. I had to say my speech in front of my class. It's all about who my family is and where I come from. 

Friday, March 23, 2012


wow when the year 7 and 8's went to swimarama we all saw the Vodafone warriors there was Shawn Johnson Kevin lock! manu vatuvei did a v bomb and also got in trouble

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

camp concert

Hook: Wow it was so cool to see the first group perform !

Ha! We only had a few minutes till we perform! We all had to sit down in the hall in group lines. We watched all the group performances. My team were called the Respectorz and we all thought we were up first. When the last group had finished their performance, we got called up. So we went but when I looked at my team they all looked nervous. Our performance was we had to sing a Bruno Mars song ‘count on me’.
Then we did our tectonic dance and after that kamire did the dougie.

Then we came off the stage and we sat down. Judge April told us which place we were coming. We all thought we were going to come last, but then she called them out. We were all happy because we came third out of six teams.

Then Mr barks gave out certificates to the people who were the best at each activity. Lorenzo got a certificate for box fit and Havea got one for cooking the best egg. After they got their certificate they went to Mrs Nua to get a prize. I really liked watching all the performances at camp concert.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


on the last day of camp we went to swimarama on a bus when we got there we sat down in our group lines so Ms Nua can tell who’s going on the highdroslide first. then we went off the first thing i did was bombing off the bored. Then it was Richards turn wow i felt like there was going to be a tsunami. then we got called to lunch.

then i jump in the pool i was swimming around when everybody cheering in my head i was thinking why are they cheering. so i went to see what was happening when i saw the whole vodafone warrior's about to have a swim when there was allot of camera men staining around then manu vatuvie did a v bomb.

then they left and we only had half an hour to we leave. then we played some rugby in the water it was havea,miracle,charlie and i against 8 girls we were losing 6 to 4.then we got told to pack up to leave.

Friday, March 2, 2012

school pinic

On a nice beautiful day Point England school went to a picnic at the point England reserve. All the the kids were exited to go so the whole school lined up in the hall ready to go. Then Mr Burt talked about the safety rules about were to go and were not to go. there was allot of parents that wanted to help out.

Then we were on our way there when we got there everyone was looking at the sparkling water shining bright. Mr Burt told us to seat in our class lines and told us who was going to swim first was team 1.

Then Joshua and i went around looking for people who wanted to play tiggy we found allot of people who wanted to play. It was Samson,devyne,toko,kade,Aidan,Amos,Matthew t and Matthew r. So we played it and it was so hard because we were looking for Amos,Matthew r and kade. We were just walking on the banks of the beach when we saw a head pop out from under a table then i look closely and it was kade then he spotted us and ran but they got tagged by Joshua and Matthew.

Then we had lunch i had a sandwich,two fruit’s and a bottle of water.we got called back because we ha d to pack up and leave. So we packed all of our things and went back to school when we got back we got our net books out and had free time.

Friday, February 17, 2012

waitangi day

6 Feb 1840 the treaty was signed in 1840 6 of February in new Zealand
hook, the treaty of waitangi the sinning of the treaty in 1840
the three P's are very important protection,partnership and participation

In the English text of the treaty the Maori leaders gave up all their rights and power over their land. Henry Williams was a translator for the Maori and the English language.

Her Majesty the Queen of England says to the Chiefs
and Tribes of New Zealand,to the respective families if they would give over the land of new Zealand with a treaty called the treaty of waitangi. The Maori version was different.

The first chief that signed the treaty was hone heke.Over 40 meetings were held in new Zealand. There was about 513 people that signed the treaty.
The people that signed the treaty they printed their finger print on the treaty. There were copies of the real treaty because they didn't want to risk losing the real one.

The treaty was about the 3 Ps: Protection, participation and partnership.

Friday, February 10, 2012

About Me

This year in 2012 I am a year 8 student and my name is Junior. I come from Auckland, New Zealand and I live in Glen Innes. The school I go to is Point England school and my favorite sport is rugby.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


in the holiday i went to tenpin bowling with my two brothers my sister and my auntie. my sister was first so she went but she only got 7.

when we all finished we had lunch we had meatball pizza,pineapple pizza and a drink.

then we played some of the games the first game was time crises it was a two player game so me and my brother Simon played. then we played another game called crazy frog you had to smack the hammer on the frogs head when we finished there was over 500 tickets coming out of the machine.

so we went to the machine that puts all your tickets in a receipt.then we went to the glass cabinet to chose what we wanted . then my sister came with 200 tickets so we got a aeroplane that comes with a remote control .

then we went home wile we were on our way home i felt really relaxed .



Friday, February 3, 2012


in the holiday me and my family went to Shakespeare regional park it took two hours to get there when we got there my feet was burning hot so i jumped out the car into the sea. then it was lunch time and we had hot dogs then went for a swim the waves where gigantic then we packed up and went home.