Wednesday, May 9, 2012

contrast two artworks matisse and van gogh

In Room 21 our teacher has set a task to compare and contrast the two different paintings of two famous artists. We had to look at Van Goghs ‘Sunflowers’ and Matisse's ‘La Musique’. Matisse’s art style is Fauvism and Van Gogh was famous for Expressionism.

First I looked at Van Gogh's painting. The sunflowers look pale and blurry but I can see texture.The colors he used was a bit of orange, brown and lots of yellow. What I noticed was that the leaves looked like they were swaying and looked old. It looks like there are two different kinds of flowers.

The second painting ‘La Musique’ has a lot of colors which stand out and makes it colorful. I am not sure about the two ladies but I think they are playing instruments. One lady is playing the guitar. The background looks like they are on a deck with palm leaves hanging over.

The two paintings are different because ‘Sunflowers’ has plain colors and the ‘La Musique’ has more bright colors. One thing that is the same about them is that they are both paintings. Another thing is that they both have is the link henry Matisse van gogh

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  1. Hi Junior

    Well done! I can tell that you put some thought into your writing. I like the way that you have described what you could see. I also like the comparisons that you have made. Good work.


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