Friday, November 30, 2012

Recount Of My Last Year At Pt England Intermediate

''WOW'' I feel really nervous moving on to secondary school it feels like I will loose my friends. But when you get older you for work to get money 
and save it till you have a family

Its been really cool because my friends have kept me safe, like Waata
,Kendrix and Xavier. I will miss hanging out with my friends. I think the stand out for this year was being friends with other friends.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Favourite Hobby

Wow I just played a new game and it was so cool. I played this game at the Glen Innes Library. The game is called Adventure Quest Worlds. This game is like a role playing game . The point of the game was to complete quests.
Here is the link

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Manaiakalani film festival

After lunch  the pt england senior school went to the film festival at the  hoyts in sylvia park to watch all the nine schools that have participated in the manaiakalani program. As we walk in to look for ours seats to set down. I was sitting with Kane and Niuma as the lights slowly turn off I
sit down and relax.

“WOW”  the screen lights up like the sun. 30 minutes through and I slightly feel like I was going to faint as the hilariousness shoots through my body I carry on trying to hack the funniness.

As the end comes to are start the lights turn on and we all stretched ready to leave. Then we were on our way back to school.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics Day

“RING” goes the  bells to start off a wonderful day
I was so nervous because the senior boys were the first group to start the sprints.
the line I was in with was Ashin,Waata,Kingston,Amos,Charlie and Raenan.
As I raced I was coming sixth because me and raenan had come a tie.

As exhausted as I was with my ankle going through pain I carried on walking back to the
start line for the next race.Next it was crusader,carlos,patrick,kamire and andrew
but Crusader came first.

The next activity we did was discus andrew was coming first but then
joe bumped him down to second place. But Charlie came last.

We went to the next activity and it was called Soars ball but Cruz came first.
Lepa came second and Jephte.

Friday, November 9, 2012

How To Make a rocket

How To Make A Rocket

you will need:

* Paper tape
* Paper 20 piece’s
* paint
* scissor


1.  roll 10 pieces of paper in are roll and then tape
it together.

2. roll 5 pieces of paper tape together and then paint
any colour you like.

3. stick the small rolled up paper into the  big rolled
up paper to make the body.

4. wing’s, cut out 4 triangles and then cut another triangle but slightly smaller for the tale.

5. then tape them together onto the rocket kit to make it as