Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics Day

“RING” goes the  bells to start off a wonderful day
I was so nervous because the senior boys were the first group to start the sprints.
the line I was in with was Ashin,Waata,Kingston,Amos,Charlie and Raenan.
As I raced I was coming sixth because me and raenan had come a tie.

As exhausted as I was with my ankle going through pain I carried on walking back to the
start line for the next race.Next it was crusader,carlos,patrick,kamire and andrew
but Crusader came first.

The next activity we did was discus andrew was coming first but then
joe bumped him down to second place. But Charlie came last.

We went to the next activity and it was called Soars ball but Cruz came first.
Lepa came second and Jephte.

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