Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Life Education Caravan

When the bell rung Room 21 entered the Life Caravan. Our teacher Lynne was teaching us about what harmful drugs are in illegal substances like alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. We were there to learn and think about making good choices. She was teaching how drugs can affect the brain. If it’s not fully developed  the brain will shut down.

As we listened, Lynne talked about what good choices we should make in our lives.
She was explaining how many chemicals are in different beverages like wine, spirits, beer and alcohol. Our tutor was instructing us about what we think is really dangerous. Lynne said if we smoke our lungs will get blocked by harmful substances (like tar) so there would be no oxygen (air) circulating the body.

Lynne showed what damage drugs could do to body parts on a chart. I felt really disgusted looking at the examples. I felt like I was going to vomit. The first body part I looked at was the arms. They looked really pale like no blood was pumping through the arm. Some of the toes looked like they had shrunk. Some parts of the body looked rotten.

Then she showed us celebrities saying what is good for our bodies and which is not.
Like Piri Weepu. Then Lynne showed us a video of a women that is smoking when
there is something going wrong. When i saw her ,her jaw looked dislocated.

I felt really happy when Lynne told us that we are all unique.

Friday, August 24, 2012

cross country

I felt really nervous thinking back at the long race. On Friday last week Point England school had cross country. Cross country is when you have to run quite far, like running more than 2 kilometres.

We all had to go in order from age 5 to age 13. Finally it was our turn (12 year old boys) to race. I felt really nervous. ‘’Bam’’ went the clappers. We ran as fast as we could. As we came to the first corner it was very muddy and slippery.

When we went through the first exit out to the farm on to the field, we all get soaked wet with mud. Out of breath as I run past the first teacher, Mrs Lagitupu,  we go around the field into the bush walk. We catch up with the 12 year old girls.

Then we crossed over the first bridge. As I look the terrain gets muddier by the minute. Then I went down the stairs through the bushes past the trees out to the other side. We had to go back into the bush walk on the other side. As I go in I see a glimpse of  Ahsin so I picked up my pace and ran as fast as I could to pass him.

‘’HA’’ as we cross the bridge. We then went past the farm shack around the corner and then we get to the patchy muddy grass. We go around the field to Mr Harris and back past Ms Oano. Wataa, Kingston, Ashin,  Crusader and I were walking until Crusader ran and so we all did.

‘’Wow’’ I couldn't believe it! I finished the race so exhausted. I went to the toilets to clean up the mud on my shoes and my clothes. I felt really tired.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Usain Bolt

As fast as lighting his legs go, blurry as colours of the Jamaican flag flash past my face. Striking a pose as he crosses the finishing line. The London Olympic stadium is packed. The crowd cheers on for the great Usain Bolt. The Jamaican athlete has won Gold in the 100 metre sprint.

Speed and agility is how he rolls, too fast too furious is how he goes. He is as fast as the wind. Crossing the finishing line he poses to show off.

He was the tallest athlete in the 100 metre run.

Friday, August 3, 2012

glory fighting

Wow what adrenalin pumping fantastic power  lightning striking this event is .Hi my name is Junior my teacher has set all of us a task to attend our task is to express how we feel about this photograph.

What this photo shows to me like they are trying to fight their way to victory.The fighter in the blue clothing looks  like he has to fight his out of the arm lock.i can see the light shining their body.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

sweet glory

title(sweet glory)
1. Wow the players gone wild with their win.   

2. The crowd spontaneously cheered as the players bundled in a group.

3. With joy and excitement the team screamed like nothing is going to stop them.

4.Yeah as the players scream with excitement the women's soccer team wins.

5.As the whistle blew with all excitement the women‘s soccer team won.