Friday, September 28, 2012

brown brother speach

Joshua the author of The Brown Brother poem was really inspiring  at assembly and his family to . He could talk
really fast without even thinking about what he says.
He says to us it doesn't matter what color your skin is or some things about what a brown brother doe’s .

Friday, September 21, 2012


1. What does the word ‘Kendo’ mean. The way of the sword

2. Kendo is a type of martial art. What other types of martial art do you know of. judo,taekwondo,jujitsu and karate

3. Kendo training helped warriors become better swordsmen. How else did Kendo help warriors. to help develop their inner strength,mentals powers and character.

4. Do many people today practice Kendo? How do you know that? because in over sixty countries  7.5 million people practise

5. What is a ‘dojo’? a place of quiet where samurai warriors train or practise

6. Why do you have to remove your shoes before you enter a dojo? so other people know they are getting respect

7. What is a ‘gi’? the kendo jacket

8. Is Kendo just a physical sport? How do you know? because its not a sport where just you train and you are a professional

9. Why do people who fight do a ‘kiai’? What is it for/purpose? to mentally overwhelm their opponent .

10. What is the highest beginner grade in Kendo? 7th grade

11. Would you like to try Kendo? Why? Why not? yes because if someone fight with you would what to do

well what i learned about kendo is how to put on a kendo uniform
and to give respect to the sensi.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pt England school vs Koru intermediate school rugby match

‘’WOW’’ as we walk out onto the field ,as loud as the siren goes the game kick’s off for the semi final game we sit back and enjoy the game.
What a wonderful catch from the opposite team while they pass the ball running up the field ,PES stay strong defending the try line. What a big ‘’CLASH’’ as both team’s bash their way into the ruuk reaching out to the ball PES successfully steals,half to the try line PES score’s the first try of the game but sadly missed the conversion.

As Koru kicks off  PES stay strong until they receive the ball, then
Pesi caught the ball and tacks the first run then passes down  to
Tina and ran over some of the player’s but sadly lost the ball.

Seventy nine minutes into the game and it was a tie fifteen all.
As the hooter goes Stephanie  kicks the ball out and it was the end of the game.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What If I Had Superpowers

As I creeped up in the mysterious world of earth all the supervillains try to attack me.While the enemies get ready I wait patiently charging up my super powers ready for war.Then super gladiator creeped on to me like a mouse, ready for a fight he said he grabs my arm and turns it into a pretzel ‘’ouch’’ I said with my mighty voice I turn around ‘’blam’’ I gave him a sandwich full of fist and he was never to be seen again.

At that time I return to my lab to see doctor and builder Tom,Tom I need to speak with you ,what is it you need to speak about well I need a portal to warp me into the galaxy and I need it in seven days can you make it ,yes.While he gets crackin with the portal I test out my new suit with a jetpack and a invisible switch to turn invisible.

‘’wow’’that looks fantastic it look’s like it came from the future. May I use it, not yet i need to fix some loose nuts and bolts. I hopped in and accidentally pressed the button
‘’yeehaa’’it was like a joy ride i jumped out of the machine and i was in a world of monster ‘’BLAM‘’
                 THE END

Monday, September 10, 2012


If I got to be a billionaire i would buy a mansion in the island of rarotonga for my other family and go back there.
I would like to buy are really big boat for my family and travel the world and wonders.

I would have 16 bedrooms for my family and eight cars
like a lamborghini,ferrari and a maserati. I would build my own stadium for only the all blacks to access it .

I would own and make my own rugby team with their own
stadium. i would give money to charity and to split the
money with my mom and dad.

Friday, September 7, 2012


When we arrived at the birthday we saw all our families and friends arriving too. I got out of the car and I walked to the birthday. Then I  greeted  my family and friends.  As I sat down at that moment the birthday started so I waited.

As the candles get lit up. ''Wow'' I said as I stared at the colourful colour's of the candle's. We all waited for the knife to slice the delicious cake. At the time the cake got sliced up we all sang the "happy birthday" song.

Then the MC said the prayer for the food. We all closed our eyes. ''Amen'' said the announced the MC so we all went to eat. What I had was chicken, chop suey, donuts and my favourite drink raspberry.

After the ceremony  I met up with Nezinli and Jeffti. we played touch. On  the field on my team was my brother Simon. After more than 40 minutes I past ball to my brother and he score's the last try ''yes'' as i yelled we won.