Friday, September 7, 2012


When we arrived at the birthday we saw all our families and friends arriving too. I got out of the car and I walked to the birthday. Then I  greeted  my family and friends.  As I sat down at that moment the birthday started so I waited.

As the candles get lit up. ''Wow'' I said as I stared at the colourful colour's of the candle's. We all waited for the knife to slice the delicious cake. At the time the cake got sliced up we all sang the "happy birthday" song.

Then the MC said the prayer for the food. We all closed our eyes. ''Amen'' said the announced the MC so we all went to eat. What I had was chicken, chop suey, donuts and my favourite drink raspberry.

After the ceremony  I met up with Nezinli and Jeffti. we played touch. On  the field on my team was my brother Simon. After more than 40 minutes I past ball to my brother and he score's the last try ''yes'' as i yelled we won.

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