Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pt England school vs Koru intermediate school rugby match

‘’WOW’’ as we walk out onto the field ,as loud as the siren goes the game kick’s off for the semi final game we sit back and enjoy the game.
What a wonderful catch from the opposite team while they pass the ball running up the field ,PES stay strong defending the try line. What a big ‘’CLASH’’ as both team’s bash their way into the ruuk reaching out to the ball PES successfully steals,half to the try line PES score’s the first try of the game but sadly missed the conversion.

As Koru kicks off  PES stay strong until they receive the ball, then
Pesi caught the ball and tacks the first run then passes down  to
Tina and ran over some of the player’s but sadly lost the ball.

Seventy nine minutes into the game and it was a tie fifteen all.
As the hooter goes Stephanie  kicks the ball out and it was the end of the game.

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