Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What If I Had Superpowers

As I creeped up in the mysterious world of earth all the supervillains try to attack me.While the enemies get ready I wait patiently charging up my super powers ready for war.Then super gladiator creeped on to me like a mouse, ready for a fight he said he grabs my arm and turns it into a pretzel ‘’ouch’’ I said with my mighty voice I turn around ‘’blam’’ I gave him a sandwich full of fist and he was never to be seen again.

At that time I return to my lab to see doctor and builder Tom,Tom I need to speak with you ,what is it you need to speak about well I need a portal to warp me into the galaxy and I need it in seven days can you make it ,yes.While he gets crackin with the portal I test out my new suit with a jetpack and a invisible switch to turn invisible.

‘’wow’’that looks fantastic it look’s like it came from the future. May I use it, not yet i need to fix some loose nuts and bolts. I hopped in and accidentally pressed the button
‘’yeehaa’’it was like a joy ride i jumped out of the machine and i was in a world of monster ‘’BLAM‘’
                 THE END

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