Monday, May 28, 2012

taonga time garageband

Every friday the senior school has a rotation to go to different class. what we do is our teacher has a hobby so we have to do their hobby. like a teacher likes playing sport then we do that subject or a teacher likes to learn about the weather then he or she teaches it.

I am in Mr jacobsen's group we all have to make a track and then pick some photos that relates to the track. then we go to share and then click on media browser and then click computer and then it will be processed to it.

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  1. Hi Junior

    I can see how the photos that you have picked matches the soundtrack. Do you enjoy being in this group? Who else is in your group from our class? I like how your writing is straight to the point and quickly shares what you have been learning about. However, I would love to read a little more. Good effort though.


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