Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In Room 21 our lovely teacher Mrs Lagitupu has set us a task to compare and contrast artworks by Pablo Picasso ‘The weeping woman’ and by Daniela Hulme ‘A lazy day in paradise’. Picasso was famous for Cubism and Daniella Hulme was famous for her contemporary art.

‘The weeping woman’ has jagged lines and shapes. Picasso used bright colors like yellow and white. His technique he used was Cubism which means looking at something from different perspectives or angles.

Daniela Hulme was inspired by her husband (Samoan) so she painted art about the tropical islands or pacific people. ‘A lazy day in paradise’ is not really jagged
but curved and round. She used lining up and shape really well because you can't really see any mistakes.

Well the two paintings are colorful so that's one similarity  and another thing is that they are both paintings. The differences about these paintings is that Picasso’s painting ‘The weeping woman’ doesn't look realistic like all the details on a real face.

Daniela hulme and Picasso are really fantastic artists and we all know that if they battle to produce their best painting it would be hard to choose which would win. here is the link picasso and Daniela hulme

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