Friday, May 4, 2012

intermediate school art rotation

This term we are learning about different artists in each class like Monet. His technique is by panting little strokes and while painting always mix colours while you go. Once you have finished your painting it will be fantastic. So what I did was I drew a outline of the nrl warriors team logo and then I painted using the technique the colours I used was black and red water based paint and came out perfect. what I learned about monet was that he was born in 1840 in paris,france
and spent 10 years painting his water garden and died at the age of 86.

The next session was with Mr barks he was teaching us how to paint  picasso style. This technique is to draw half a face and then draw a eye across the other but change the  direction it's facing. Here’s another way of the picasso technique demonstrating with lips draw half of the mouth on the front view and draw the other half from the side view. I learn that picasso was born in malaga,spain,on the 25th day of october,1881.

Van Gogh was a really cool and talented artist but he had a older brother who died when he was born and Mr Gogh was really close friends with Paul Gauguin another artist and that he cut his ear off and gave it to his girl friend. His technique is to get texture by little strokes that stand out like it looks 3D.

I think that matisse was a really great artist and that his art was really fantastic. I found out that he made more than 50 bronze sculptures and was a french artist. matisse was born in 1869 and died on november 3th 1954. His technique is called les fauves in english is wild beast his technique is to paint little dots for impressive effect.

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