Friday, February 17, 2012

waitangi day

6 Feb 1840 the treaty was signed in 1840 6 of February in new Zealand
hook, the treaty of waitangi the sinning of the treaty in 1840
the three P's are very important protection,partnership and participation

In the English text of the treaty the Maori leaders gave up all their rights and power over their land. Henry Williams was a translator for the Maori and the English language.

Her Majesty the Queen of England says to the Chiefs
and Tribes of New Zealand,to the respective families if they would give over the land of new Zealand with a treaty called the treaty of waitangi. The Maori version was different.

The first chief that signed the treaty was hone heke.Over 40 meetings were held in new Zealand. There was about 513 people that signed the treaty.
The people that signed the treaty they printed their finger print on the treaty. There were copies of the real treaty because they didn't want to risk losing the real one.

The treaty was about the 3 Ps: Protection, participation and partnership.

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