Thursday, February 9, 2012


in the holiday i went to tenpin bowling with my two brothers my sister and my auntie. my sister was first so she went but she only got 7.

when we all finished we had lunch we had meatball pizza,pineapple pizza and a drink.

then we played some of the games the first game was time crises it was a two player game so me and my brother Simon played. then we played another game called crazy frog you had to smack the hammer on the frogs head when we finished there was over 500 tickets coming out of the machine.

so we went to the machine that puts all your tickets in a receipt.then we went to the glass cabinet to chose what we wanted . then my sister came with 200 tickets so we got a aeroplane that comes with a remote control .

then we went home wile we were on our way home i felt really relaxed .

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