Friday, March 2, 2012

school pinic

On a nice beautiful day Point England school went to a picnic at the point England reserve. All the the kids were exited to go so the whole school lined up in the hall ready to go. Then Mr Burt talked about the safety rules about were to go and were not to go. there was allot of parents that wanted to help out.

Then we were on our way there when we got there everyone was looking at the sparkling water shining bright. Mr Burt told us to seat in our class lines and told us who was going to swim first was team 1.

Then Joshua and i went around looking for people who wanted to play tiggy we found allot of people who wanted to play. It was Samson,devyne,toko,kade,Aidan,Amos,Matthew t and Matthew r. So we played it and it was so hard because we were looking for Amos,Matthew r and kade. We were just walking on the banks of the beach when we saw a head pop out from under a table then i look closely and it was kade then he spotted us and ran but they got tagged by Joshua and Matthew.

Then we had lunch i had a sandwich,two fruit’s and a bottle of water.we got called back because we ha d to pack up and leave. So we packed all of our things and went back to school when we got back we got our net books out and had free time.

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