Thursday, March 15, 2012


on the last day of camp we went to swimarama on a bus when we got there we sat down in our group lines so Ms Nua can tell who’s going on the highdroslide first. then we went off the first thing i did was bombing off the bored. Then it was Richards turn wow i felt like there was going to be a tsunami. then we got called to lunch.

then i jump in the pool i was swimming around when everybody cheering in my head i was thinking why are they cheering. so i went to see what was happening when i saw the whole vodafone warrior's about to have a swim when there was allot of camera men staining around then manu vatuvie did a v bomb.

then they left and we only had half an hour to we leave. then we played some rugby in the water it was havea,miracle,charlie and i against 8 girls we were losing 6 to 4.then we got told to pack up to leave.

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