Monday, December 12, 2011

role model next year

What does it mean to me if i was a school prefect or a role model and a leader of the school.
Well i think it would be fantastic because the leader of the school is like you boss people around
but not really. Today the year eights are leaving to go to camp at Totara Springs so that means we the year 7’s are going to be the top of the school.

Well the best year 8 role model for me was charm. I pick charm because his so funny and intelligent at his own hobby's. people like him because he’s fast at doing things and very very mature.

Who i think would be a role model next year would be miracle because he is so smart and fast at doing his work . Joe because he is a very good person and helps other people.

What i think my goals a next year is to participate in every thing. one gaol i really want to achieve is to get a higher grades in my literacy and maths.

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