Thursday, June 23, 2011

introduction-who, what, when, were, why

At school on Wednesday Room twenty two got invited to a rugby league session with a junior vodafone warriors player Sio Siue Taukeiaho. We had to get split up into four saturate equal groups of lines. Also we had to get behind a line of cones. Every line cheered for other people.

We went to the next event and the game was called rugby tinnies. The game was simple you had to get split into to sides then kick the ball if the ball doesn't pass the height of there shoulder then you a out or if the other team drops it then there out.

i felt like i was in super star world when i was with a junior vodafone warrior player for the first time. Then our session was over then we said thank you for a grate league session.

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  1. Hi Junior,
    I like the story on how you played a few games with a Vodafone Warrior for the first time.One last thing before I go.Remember to check your small i's and grate is spelt great.


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